Monday, September 19, 2011


When you smile, the world smiles with you.

The darkest hour of the day is somewhere between the part of the night where you dream and the part where you wake up. The time at that hour feels motionless and your very own existence seems to have only one meaning, which gets lost within the general confusion of your state of dreams. The world whirls around you but all you can do is keep your eyes closed for all eternity and when you open them up, nothing.

I woke up during the darkest hour of the day three days and made a decision solely based on intuition. It was the strongest feeling of foreknowledge I have had up to date. I told others I don't know why I couldn't sleep afterwards but I really do know why. It was because the decision had awoken a fire within. And the fire could not be put asleep by water, it could only be fed by endless amounts of firewood that would crackle and send a thousand sparks into the night's air, transforming into stars that light up the skies.

I think intuition is the only thing that knows the difference between destiny and coincidence.When you make a decision not based on intuition - rather on logical reasoning, random choice, advise - coincidence takes control and leads you forward. Things happen because they happen. When you make a decision based on intuition, only you know what's right. There is no room for logic. There is just the path you have chosen and things happen because they were meant to happen.

Love doesn't need logic. Love needs only decisions based on intuition because love in itself is a destiny.

I woke up during the darkest hour of the day last night as well. I vaguely remember mumbling some random words about phone bills. I have looked at phone bills for the last three months, so it's only reasonable that they have interfered with my dreams also. I think you are a bit sleepy, dear. I fell asleep again and woke up to find that the sparks the fire burning deep inside had cast into the skies had lit up a smile on a lover's face.

And when she smiles, the world follows.

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