Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The final week begins today and I live in a phase of consumerism - 
The Packing, Part I.

Unpack, re-pack, pack, package, packing, unpack, re-pack, pack. What is this? Unpack, re-pack, pack, packed. Do you really think you're going to need a dental floss gadget abroad? Cram your bed full of things, take things off your bed, put things into boxes, take them out, put them back on your bed. Oh yes, three hoodies - very convenient in a country where tropical climate is another word for everyday.

Stop. List the things you need here:

-as many pairs of underwear and socks as possible - I'm thinking approximately a week's worth
-as many t-shirts as possible - I'm thinking a week's worth here also, a bit more perhaps
-one long-sleeved shirt, which is good for warming on a cold night and good for leaning a head on for the night and good for a hug
-two shirts, which are colored so that they make me look like an experienced traveller - long-sleeved but they can be rolled upwards
-two pairs of pants - one pair can be transformed into shorts and one pair is trousers I have yet to have bought
-three pairs of shorts and swimming shorts also, though I think I will buy new swimming shorts from Shanghai
-walking shoes, hiking shoes, flip-flops
-a water/windproof overcoat

-a scarf
-three belts
-some wooden jewelry and handbands

B&B (bed & bath)
-linen (I had a debate over linen and a sleeping bag and linen came out on top because sleeping bag isn't that convenient in warm countries, it takes a lot of room and linen has some other usage as well whereas a sleeping bag can be used only as a sleeping bag)
-a towel (Marimekko because the world needs Finnish design)
-a handtowel if there is room left

Personal hygiene
-shaving cream (a small bottle) and four razor blades, which should last for the whole year - unlike the small bottle
-small amounts of hair products (you need to look when you present yourself to the world)
-skin products (a courteuous birthday present)
-two sticks of deodorant (one basic, one sophistiscated)
-various medicine: inflammation pills, diarrhea-preventive pills, painkillers, ice gel, bandaid, spray for opening one's nose, moisturizing products
-preventive products to have a safe journey with a loved one with no concequences afterwards
-washing powder
-sun screen and after sun lotion (highly important for me, with love Mr Lobster)

-camera with its components
-a cellphone with its charger
-a second camera for my girlfriend (might leave this one home though.. no, not the girl, the camera because she might take her own instead)
-laptop with its charger (a burden, but a compulsory one to keep you updated!)

-passport and a copy of it
-the working holiday visa and a copy of it
-banking papers and a copy of them
-flying tickets and copies of them
-the copies of all of my girlfriend's papers
-a pen and a notebook for illustrative purposes, freedom of words, the casual need to write

-a small bagpack for the electronics and other important things to keep close
-a book (recommendations?)
-a smile
-some self-confidence and a hint of attitude
-the girl I love

The above was the things I thought I needed and what I came up with firsthand. Next up, a list of the things I actually packed.

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