Thursday, September 15, 2011


The famous last words.

We only get one chance at everything - that's what I think at least. And come to think of it, I think I'm right. One chance at success, one chance at life, one chance of last words. If the words weren't meant to be your last ones, then they weren't the last ones you shouted out. I've been hearing lots of famous last words during the past week but none of them have actually been last words, really.

Tonight is the final night I will spend in this city this year. I thought I'd give out a couple of irrelevant and partly irrational thoughts on the matter.

For one, I'm glad it's the last night. This week has been excruciatingly slow because it has been my last week at work. It's been a great week at work, but slow. Tediously slow. The time of the waiting man runs the slowest and it has felt like my time hasn't even made an effort to run. In fact, it has felt as if my time has reduced its progressing speed from a steady walk to a painful crawl.

I will spend my last night on a hard mattress. I would have a fairly large bed to sleep on also as well as a comfy couch. But I want to sleep on the mattress of concrete at the time because it was the best my friend could offer me and I couldn't have asked for more. His last words were swear words of a drunken man but I'll always remember him from the sober words that were never said aloud.

I spent last night at a club. My friend told me that we'd see tomorrow. Today is tomorrow and we never saw. Yet, I will see him tomorrow everyday because that's how friends are. They are there, even though you may not always see them.

A colleague gave me a silent whisper of wishes of good luck and a hi-five where our hands barely touched. Then she left the office. I will probably never see her again but I think I will remember her for a longer while than she herself might imagine.

The summer is over, I have not said my last words. There never were any.

.i am the water for your eyes.

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