Saturday, July 23, 2011


Parentheses (summer and her).

The subconscious, the second mind, the back of your head, something stuck in your thoughts, the innermost in thoughts, the intuitive, the subliminal process, the essence of the mind, the soul.

So many words trying to describe the part of  the human mind, which still remains a mystery to all. No one really knows what is going on in there and no matter how hard neuropsychologists and the likes want to solve the puzzle of the subconscious, there has really been not much of a progress lately. At least no progress that I would know of. And I'm glad there hasn't been any. I think that part of the human mind should be left untouched. If it really is the soul, it's divinity is so fragile that no human should interfere with it.

I am starting to picture myself as a writer already. The image in my head of creating my future from this mere hobby has been fortifying a lot lately. I want to express myself and I want to make a living out of it. I don't know how much it will take but I think I'm ready for whatever it takes. The thought among others has been visiting my subconscious frequently and I can't ignore it anymore.

For me, the parentheses in my texts are my second mind. The thoughts, which I'm trying to express but somehow cannot. I've been struggling with thoughts (about her) inside my parethesis for almost a month now and I've noticed how it's been wearing my other thoughts down. What does it take to settle your second mind? A journey back in time into the scars in your memories? A deep conversation down in the roots of my thoughts?

I want to bend these parentheses off their axis. I want to remove them from the text of my thoughts.

.i travelled through light, i am not afraid, in this lake of souls i lose all fear.

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