Thursday, July 21, 2011


When the sky pours down like a fountain and my eyes turn into haze.

Emotions are like colored strings entwined together in a brilliant mess of meaningless directions and endless combinations of the brightest colors imaginable. My own emotions have been a constant resource of stress lately and I don't think I've coped with it too well. The strings have lost their way, been clipped shorter from one end and some have even disappeared. 

I ended up in a thunderstorm today. It was going to the subject of this text, and this text was going to be titled Reflecting the storm. The storm would have symbolized the aftermath of explosions in my head - a heavy downpour after the first bolt of lightning has struck the ground. The strings are buried under a mass of water, crushing on them like black rain does on the barren asphalt of a lonely city.

I opened my laptop just a few moments ago and saw the face of God. Have you ever seen the face of God? If not, next time you see a person you love, look straight into their smile. For the holder of this smile is an angel, and all angels carry the face of God.

I still can't figure out my feelings. I need an umbrella for the downpour. Maybe it's me who's sinking?

Hazy eyes, sky blue. Look into my eyes and see for yourself, my soul has grown weary.

.take a drink from my hands.

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