Monday, July 25, 2011


A moment to cherish.

The clocks have stopped but its dark. Two people outside, lying on a blanket under the apple trees. The weather is still and there are occasional droplets of water trickling down from the treetops and sometimes they hit the noses of the two. The only things constant in this moment are the smiles on their faces. (if I could I would take a picture of you right now) The clocks start turning again and it's time for bed. Both are tired and need to rest their heads inside. They pack up the blankets they were cloaked in just a few seconds ago and leave the place like nothing ever happened.

The simple, short moments in life make it worth living. I cherish these moments whenever I noticed I've been in one. I want to write about them to keep them alive in memory. I want to experience them as often as possible and I'm keen on enjoying them next year on my travels (our travels). I want to feed the birds and laugh, I want to get lost and find my way out, I want to wake up in full sunshine and to see that the first thing of that day is her smile, I want to come home tired and rest my head on a shoulder, I want to walk down a boulevard and notice that I don't have to care about anything in my life at that moment other than the fact that my feet are going forward. Most of all. I want to realize things as amazing as what I realized today.

I'm going to keep it a secret, though - what I realized, I mean. I like keeping secrets because secrets make people wonder and smile. And trust me, there is nothing better than seeing a person thinking hard and smiling wide.

.there is life.

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