Sunday, July 3, 2011


I'm already up here.

A fact: everything feels better when you're living in joy.

The shower I just took felt like a refreshing summer rain on my bare shoulders with the soothing water trickling down my back, forming a multitude of small streams, each running their own paths. The arrival to my apartment was accompanied by the scent of freshly oven-baked buns that brought me home to my family. Biking from the station with two young boys racing their bikes past me and rejoicing one of the most admirable creations of God: friendship.

Yesterday I got a text message from an anonymous person. The message only said: I'm already up here. I don't know from whom it was and I don't want to know either. The message was probably just an error. Someone wanted to send someone else the message but accidentally typed in my number. But little did they know, I am a person who actively searches for meanings from the various things in my life. Everything in my life needs a meaning. Meanings are God's way of saying hello, way of saying that things have been planned out.

I have yet to discover the meaning of that message but time will tell - as it tells the stories of all things in life. Meanwhile, I'm just going to smile and wonder. 

What about you?

.lost message.

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