Saturday, July 2, 2011


Star of the sea.

Dreaming is something we do at night when we're gazing at the dark night sky, filled with all these tiny light spots of light, far away. Stars represent everything we can never reach. The dreams we can chase all we want but will never get. We know that we can never get to those dreams but it doesn't stop us from going after them.

Daydreaming is something we do during our long days filled with sunlight, swimming in the light blue ocean, filled with an incredulous amount of life living in harmony. Sea stars that float near the bottom of the ocean - far away but visible - living in perfect serenity. Sea stars represent some things that we have a chance of reaching. The dreams we chase all our lives, and someday, may get. We know that we can get to those dreams if we try hard enough. And sometimes, only sometimes, we reach them by accident. We just happen to be right beside them at the bottom of the ocean. Smiling, like all beautiful things do in the morning.

Today is a special day, like every day is. Today is just a little bit more special than your usual day. Today you are the star in the sea. You are a dream. Yet, you are only yourself - nothing more, nothing less - and that's the only thing I will ever expect from you. To be yourself because that way you are something I might reach someday.


.send me over the ocean, i'll find you.

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