Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The dance for rain.

I have been fighting boredom for the last three hours and it finally came to this: I'm writing something into my blog. I sort of didn't want to because I was planning to write a longer, better text later tonight. Then again, why should I restrain myself from writing?

Regardless, this is not a proper text. Just something I'm thinking about. You should see me writing this. It would look as if I were in a great hurry if you were to judge me by my seating position. I'm also listening to metalcore, which would even more fortify your belief of me hurrying somewhere. Instead I'm waiting for the rain to come. The best thing about the time when the summer is coming but hasn't quite reached the doorstep is when you can wait for the rain to come. You can see it brewing somewhere far away in the horizon and you know it will strike your neighbourhood anytime soon.

Why am I waiting for the rain? Because I want to go running when it rains. There's probably nothing else in the city that brings you closer to the nature. Running when the cold drops of rain water crash on your skin like millions of tiny bombs. That's when you feel free.

.your tears don't fall.

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