Sunday, April 24, 2011


Don't hold back.

Give it all you got. Conquer the world. Don't regret. You only live once. Take what's yours. The world is yours. You can do it. Don't look back. Love and be loved.

People live by different words. We all have our slogans, words of life, mottos and whatever. Everyone has a red line they want to follow in their lives. I haven't really given that much thought to what my principle of life is. Not until recently. Well, I have thought of it in the past but the thoughts have been recessive. They have just been there and haven't had the need to explore them at all. I've always thought that I have a certain principle, which I tend to follow in my life but I have never put it into words. The incidents of the past couple of weeks have started the birth of this principle as words. I have talked a lot and written a lot, too. Not here though. These have been actual, personal discussions and thoughts, which I haven't even thought of expressing here.

Now that that part of my life is over, I can look forward again. I don't have to regret anything I've done and I'm happy about myself. There's nothing I could've done better. So, with this spirit in my heart and these clear thoughts in brains, I started thinking about the principle of my life and how to put it in words.

I like to think that my life has a meaning. Everything in my life has a meaning. This situation, writing into my blog when the sun is shining outside and I'm snuggling under a warm blanket, has a meaning too. Every painful event in my life has a meaning, every new person I meet has a meaning and everything I do has a meaning. I wasn't brought into this world 'just because'. I don't know what the future might bring. I might end up in a car crash and die tomorrow - positive thinking? But I like to think that when you truly believe in something, it will eventually become true one day.

I have believed that I will one day travel far and wide, and I will next fall. I have believed that I will one day study economics, now I am. I have believed in myself on multiple occasions and it has made me successful. I have believed that I will find a person who shares the same feelings and beliefs as I do. I believe that I have found that person. I believe that, no matter what, things will turn out great. You can always paint demons on your walls, predict the worst possible future, but unfortunately it might become the truth one day. If you paint your walls with the color of faith, you will end up living your dreams. Children believe innocently but adults shouldn't lose that kind of faith. No use in trying to be realistic. No need to be afraid of dreaming. If I see myself 40 years from now in a small cottage next to a lake in the middle of the mountains with a woman I love and my children living their lives somewhere else, it's going to happen, if I truly believe in it.

It might be scary to think that you might be able to predict your future but that's just sort of how it is. So far I have been able to predict my future to the extent where I believe anything is possible. And anything is, when you put your mind to it and are willing to overcome all the obstacles in your way. We all have the key to the lock in our hands. Use the key and everything is possible.

We have the means to make our lives meaningful.

My life has a meaning.

Does one need more of a principle in life than that?

.you are mine.

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