Tuesday, April 12, 2011


A hint of motivation and nostalgic for Thursday.

For the past few weeks studying has seemed to be so compulsory. My motivation towards books has been as low as ever and nothing with relevance to studies has bore no interest to me. I suppose it's a descent from the burst of stress-derived success from two weeks ago. Today, though, I decided to drop a course and pick up psychology in the library and the result was positive. I had no need to study, so it naturally felt better than with a fire under my ass. I actually covered two whole chapters of a difficult book and was, least to say, satisfied with the work I had done. I think I can keep this up tomorrow too but unofortunately a skiing vacation will break off my streak.

(a skiing vacation that should equal the time of my life, so it's not really all that unfortunate)

I also picked up Thursday's latest album No Delucion and that too was satisfactory. The album was actually a really pleasant surprise and it reminded me of how good post-hardcore can sound when done right. Usually post-hardcore nowadays is just the general emocore and its outbursts but with this album Thursday really brought the 'post' back into post-hardcore. With this album under my wings, I intend to listen through their whole discography, which frequented my playlists a couple of years backwards when I was more into the genre. My taste in music has become perhaps too eclectic and finding good albums, finding great albums, has been getting more and more difficult. I remember the times when I discovered outstanding albums every week. Now I can barely manage to find outstanding songs on average albums.

.drown in the shallow depths of your belief.

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