Sunday, April 10, 2011


Conscious commercialism.

I have thought about making my blog commercial. Now that I've done on course on social media, done some research of my mine of what a successful blog should be like and learned the basic of blogging myself, I'm fairly certain I could create a successful blog. The only problem is that I'm not really that interested in doing so. Yet.

If I were to consciously commercialize this blog, I'd have two methods of doing it - possibly combining both of those. To gain readers or followers a blog needs pictures. Large, detailed pictures taken with a good camera. This is compulsory. I have yet to have seen a successful blog that isn't about politics and has no pictures. A 'good' blog requires something else for the eye than just the text. Even blogs based on the downloading of music support this cause by having the album covers almost without exceptions on the blog wall.

You don't need to be a good writer. For all I know and for all I can criticize, most fashion bloggers, for example, are lousy writers. Yet, they have hundreds and thousands of followers (keyword here: pictures). Majority of travel bloggers also have quite a few followers, even though their writings tend be subjective, also quite lousy and self-repeating.

It also seems to me that you can't have too many 'interests' in your blog. You can't have a fashion blog with pretty pictures and fancy clothers and post album reviews or report on how well your trip to Australia is going. People lose interest when there are too many things to follow. So, a successful blog should be focused mainly on one thing and have some hints about some other thing when a good follower base has been established. For example, I read a fashion blog where the blogger had also gone bowling and this was about the cutest and funniest thing the readers had ever read on any blog. Though, this makes me wonder how annoyingly pretentious people are over the internet. I mean, come on, it's bowling. Approximately the most casual thing to do. Not wrong to write about but wrong to comment extremely hyped messages about it.

I really do like the thought of creating a commercial blog. I could probably do it next year when I'm off abroad. Buy a good camera, re-organize my wardrobe and post pretty pictures about some nature scenarios where I'm looking good in my new fashionable clothes. Then again, I'd just rather write about things that are important to me and about things that I feel good writing about. After all, writing should be something you gain a mental benefit from, not physical benefit.

.i'll think of you while I dream.

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