Sunday, March 20, 2011


Snap back to reality.

Oh, there goes gravity?

Used to be one of my favorite lyrics back when I was a teenager. Eminem was pretty badass back then. I wasn't.

Regardless, I am now hungry, tired, my room is a mess, my life is a cyclone, my world is a thunderstorm. But in this world I am happy. I need to wash my clothes, need make some food, need to study, need to clean my apartment. I need to get back to reality after an intensely joyful weekend. I just can't manage to do so. Just browsing around, doing nothing. I'm thinking of how my stomach wants food but how I can't make myself get up and eat. Hopefully this won't be another day in quicksand, even though it would most likely be positive quicksand. If quicksand can be positive?

.ja meidän piti mennä kunnon töihin.

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