Monday, March 21, 2011


Of social relationships, disappointments, applications and something completely different.

I realized today that it's important to establish even the smallest and slimmest social relationships with various people. It's important for the apparent reason, which I won't have to explain here. You just have to meet new people constantly. But, what I discovered today that they might, after all, be your key to success. I was under the impression that the newly-met acquiantances won't be of much help in getting yourself a job. I was wrong it seems, today I was wrong twice. I'm now more grateful about the small relationships I've been able to create within the year and even more grateful for the large relationships I've been able to create within the year, and within my whole life.

Applying for jobs is disappointing stuff. I've been rejected quite a few times now and it's coming close to getting to me. A man can take punches for a while but there's always the time when your teeth get knocked out and feel like falling straight down from your feet and hitting your head to the floor so hard that you would never have to wake up again.

Applications are annoying to do. I wonder if they will be annoying to do when I have more work experience, when I'm doing them with a friend, or when I actually feel like there's a purpose to filling out the forms.

I want to go mountain biking.

.as we lie, tower falls.

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