Thursday, March 17, 2011


I can't mend broken bones with words.

An eventful day behind me and I feel like I have nothing to write about it. Nothing comes to my mind, yet I know I should write at least something. Just something to blow these thoughts and feelings out of my head. I have felt sympathy, pity, confusion, self-pity, self-anger and love inside the lines of a day. That's a lot to handle for a puny man like myself. Then again, I was with a person today who had to experience the feelings of frustration, angst and maybe even fear, as well as some of the feelings I felt today. What was my day compared to theirs? A scratch on the face of Earth.

I'm hungry, so I will now equip myself with some food and continue from where I left off - hopefully with more insightful thoughts than just the typical emotional blabbering.

I wake up feeling like any other day. After my traditional breakfast (okay, a 3-month old tradition but who cares?) I sat down on my laptop. No, I sat down with my laptop. Funny how you sometimes think of something else and type something completely different. Coffee and laptop in the morning is a great combination by the way! You can check your e-mail in the morning, do a quick Facebook-check and other stuff. It actually makes me feel good in the adult-sort-of-way. I mean, I am an adult but it makes me feel older in a comfortable manner. Wow, what a bunch bull about my morning routine, I need to cut this off and move on to things that actually matter. Smiling at this though, you know, me writing and thinking about something I don't feel like I'm supposed to. And to be honest, I can tell that I'm not ready to express the feelings of today at this moment.

Yeah, I'll deal with this later on when my mind is back in an intelligent, mature state. Sometimes I like the immature, blabbering, not-wanting-to-deal-with-things me but not when writing.

.still frame, no dice.

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