Monday, March 14, 2011



I got a feeling that this will be a good week. Probably not better than last week, I don't even think that's possible to top right now. Nonetheless, a good week. There's so potential here. I already got a good grade from an exam I couldn't have cared to study for at all, I'm hoping to get a pass from another and waiting for a call or an e-mail about a job interview or perhaps even the possibility of getting the job without any interviews. I'm also looking forward to the weekend, which should be a good one as well. Not to mention that I'll be able to excercise a lot this week, as well as study psychology.

The only problem is that when you're expecting something great, you have a greater possibility of being let down, disappointed. The optimistic view on life is bound to letdowns and whether the letdowns are beautiful or not, they hurt.

.and i can't hold what's in my hand.

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