Monday, February 21, 2011


How would you like to spend a day with me?

I was thinking about the casual lifestyle I'm living with at the moment. Is being casual possible only when you're alone? It seems like you have time do everything, you don't have to rush anywhere and you don't have to do anything you don't like. Rather great, isn't it? So, I started thinking: what if I were to involve someone in my morning routine, my way of eating lunch, my habit of picking up a school book, then thinking: 'damn it, I feel like writing.', and taking out my laptop, my manner of watching a movie or a document in the evening, or my terms for making  a successful dinner and enjoying it while watching something from my computer screen. How would the other person feel? Included or excluded? Not to mention that the other one would have needs and necessicites of their own. But what if they were to just adjust to my lifestyle? Forget about their own for the whole day, for the whole week, and try to adapt to my life. Would that even be possible?

Too bad it's cold outside, I'd like to go out more.

.heavy hearts come hold our hands.


  1. At first I thought this could be a potentially brilliant holiday of sorts. Only then the thoughts shifted to how horrible a reality show concept this type of thing would make.

  2. Heh, a reality show titled "Three Days In The Life Of..." sure might end up as a disaster.