Sunday, February 6, 2011


3.5 seconds.

Just a glimpse of a face, a blink of an eye can make a difference in your world. People are always talking about how the small things in life make them happy. But how small are these things actually? Can they last for just a few seconds, then be gone and make you happy?

About getting started, I currently suck at it. I need to start reading for an exam of personality psychology and I feel like the lousiest starter ever. How do you grab a bull (or a 400-page book) by the horns, slam yourself on your bed and open the first page? Definition of impossible: this.

Music without words sounds great. I've been discovering a plethora of new artists today and none of them have been lyrical. Just ambient, long, soundscape, distorted.

Also, I want to write a value pyramid for myself, not now. But I want to - like in the near future or something. You know, something that goes like:

you and me
you, me and them
you, me, them, and others
you, me, them, the others, not here
you, me, them, the others, not here but there

Except you have to replace those meaningless words with words that symbolize your life and values. The hard part of it is to form words that aren't too long because the pyramid can't stretch out too much, otherwise it won't be a pyramid, more like an ant hill crushes by a giant.

.the fading voice of the old era speaks to us, but where are the ears left to hear it?.

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