Monday, February 7, 2011


Widespread and slow.

I hate it when a group of people walk in a manner that they block the whole passageway they're pacing on, especially when you have no means of alerting them that you're coming from behind with greater speed. Well, you could always resort to shouting out-of-the-way's but that's sort of rude in my opinion and doesn't make you any better than the people blocking the way. But seriously, if you're a group of four, do you have to walk in a row of four people - can't you just walk in two pairs or a goddamn line or something?

What I hate even more is that when these aforementioned four people walk slowly in a row. You have slow down behind them because otherwise you'd simply crash into them and risk hurting yourself, don't mind the others. So now, you can't pass the group of people and you also have to slow your speed down to the point where you would gladly drive a fist through the back of the heads of the four people, so that they might have a feeling that they should be going faster.

Minor annoyances, major delights. Today has been a great day for a Monday and I feel like slapping Garfield around for ever calling Mondays bad days. Not one thing has gone wrong today, even though I'd been tired as a man after two marathons. Also, my training motivation has boosted upwards and it wants to soar the skies now.

.these riots are just the beginning.

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