Monday, November 22, 2010


Calm before the storm arrives and destroys my head with a nail gun.

I have a nice schedual of what I need to do this week. I know I can manage with it.

I like having some personal time during my weeks. Just downloading the next episode of a class B series and staring at it on a screen, ironing my clothes, and eating yoghurt wearing only underpants and smiling at how stupid, yet happy, I must look at that moment. I also like laying on my bed, grabbing a good book, hell, any book, putting on some chill-out music like M83 and try to read. Although, my reading usually consists also of thinking about my life and I never manage to catch the whole meaning of what I've just read. That's why I often have to read some pages two times.

What does one do when there is no personal time? There's just the time you can share among other things. I can listen to chill-out music but I have to study to an exam at the same time. I can eat yoghurt wearing only my underpants but I need to talk and organize stuff while I'm doing it, or calculate some math problems. I can lay on my bed but that means that the day is over and I need to sleep.

I'm waiting for Christmas. Christmas means peace and personal time, which I can have all to myself. I can sleep past early mornings, drink tea and read, laugh and smile.

.i'm gonna jump the walls and run.

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