Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The hand of God.

The hand of God is said to push us forward and guide us through the darkest places. I just thought about what this hand actually is and what it looks like.

You know the feeling when you're biking and it feels like you don't even have to move the pedals because the wind is pushing you so hard? At these moments I feel like smiling because I feel so light. I don't have to do anything, yet I can make progress with my journey. I like to think that God's hand pushes us in a similar way through life. We're on our bicycle that's partly broken. The brakes don't work sometimes and quite often the tires run flat and we can't keep going on anymore. No matter what the condition of our bike is, the wind will still push it forward and us with it. We can smile again.

What about our hands? What do we push forwards with them? Are our hands always dirty, are our nails clinging on to other people's backs, are the backs of our hands hairy with good deeds? I have small hands compared to the rest of my body but I kind of like them this way. Actually, my hands are one of the only parts of my body that I'm fully satisfied with. Sometimes they can get a bit dry in the winter time, but don't we all get a bit dry sometimes? When we're dry, we just need some elixir to get us going on again.
   I don't know what can be told from my hands but if I were to study them I could say a thing or two about me. My hands look soft and it looks like they haven't had to struggle with anything. There's no pain in my hands. They're still the hands of a worker with the small blisters at the roots of my fingers. The nails aren't hungry for blood and neither do they intimidate others by their looks. The lines aren't the lines of age. They're the lines of luck and love, of which I'm filled of. The knuckles and the fingers have never meant to curl up as a fists. The veins are visible because my blood still runs strong but they don't stick out with immense power. These hands enjoy feeling a heartbeat.

.we hold out, we held out.

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