Sunday, November 21, 2010



Debris has to be the coolest word in the English language. Just taste the word in your mouth. Debris. Can you fall in love with words?

Also, I have no idea what to do next week because it's going to be a week full of stress and numerous phone calls. I hate being stressed out because I technically never am. I just haven't been able to fill up my calendar properly yet and now I'm stuck in a state of ignorance and stress. If you'd see my right now, typing on my not-made bed wearing just my boxers, you could actually think that this guy simply cannot take stress about anything. But I do, or I think I will. I have piled every-single-thing I have to do within three weeks of my life and it's eating me up. I know I've taken a bite too large from a cake too large and now I regret it. Though, I'm the sort of guy who finishes what he's started and doesn't complain.

Does this count as complaining? No, it's just useless blabbering that has caused me nothing but a small ache in my lower back.

I need to stop. Not just writing but everything. I'm thinking of curling up as a ball, rolling into a corner and not being able to move. And if adjusted to real life: I'm thinking of curling up as a ball, sinking into a couch, listening to soothing music and exchange words with some lovely person who can just smile at me. Yes, I need to stop - not now though.

.back to reality.

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