Saturday, November 20, 2010


Coughing in coffins.

I am currently coughing my lungs out. Every cough sounds worse than the previous one and at the end of each cough I feel like throwing up. It all started with a simple sore throat and I hope it doesn't end up with a really bad flu or pneumonia, which my sister got eventually from a bad cough.
   Smoking makes people cough and yet they do it. Why would anyone actually want to cough?
There was a riot yesterday in the capital Finland where people got together in front of the parliament building to smoke cannabis. Can you imagine approximately 200 people smoking cannabis and trying to make a point with it? I find that a bit ridiculous and actually laughed aloud, and alone, in my car when I heard this from the news. The police had said that they will arrest anyone committing a narcotics crime (smoking weed) at the riot - even if they have to do it one by one. One thing I can't understand about cannabis is why some people in my country would like it to be legalized. Just because it's legal in the Netherlands and decriminalized in Switzerland doesn't mean the same would work here.
   The Finnish people consume incredible amounts of alcohol and they really seem to have no boundaries to it. They behave irrationally and in a non-sophisticated manner when under the influence of (legal) alcohol. Who says that they're not doing this as well when under the influence of cannabis? I understand that cannabis isn't actually that dangerous and it doesn't cause too many deaths by itself but hey, a person driving a car drunk doesn't die from alcohol, they die from crashing the car. And I've heard people doing even more intelligent stuff than driving when they're high.
   Why do people crave for narcotics and other substances that will make their heads spin? Is the world such a horrible place to live in that you want to alter your own reality? Do you need the laughter of being high on weed? What is it with us?


The first time I wrote something on this blog and wasn't listening to music. I wonder if my text sounds less imaginative than when writing under the influence of music.

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