Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Pit stops featuring also the concept of irritating stuff regarding toilet paper.

Imagine that you're traveling from a city to another by car. You're not tired of driving, you're not angry at anything and you don't really need to stop for anything. Then you see a gas station with some shop and restaurant services. The fluorescent signs inform you that everything is cheap and tastes great and that you can eat three and a half donuts for just the price of one.

People tell me that they don't generally like gas stations. I do. I always connect the visit to a gas station to eating or drinking something unhealthy and extremely delicious. I know that when I make a pit stop during a three hour drive I will get myself a large glass of coke or a quick burger or some chocolate or coffee. And that just stimulates my taste buds. I don't know if other people think of these pit stops the same way as I do but I never could think that people wouldn't like helping themselves something nice.

Toilet paper in public bathrooms annoys me. The paper is so thin that when you pull it to get more of it, it snaps and then you have to dig for more from the paper holder, which annoys me. Sometimes you pull the paper too hard and it doesn't snap. Instead the roll of paper spins like a ballet dancer and you end up with a couple meters of toilet paper on the floor. You are fed up with this and stuff the paper into the toilet, which in turn resorts to the toilet getting too full and flooding, and this annoys you.

The hand paper usually comes out from machines with motion sensors. Someone has left their paper hanging from the machine in a wrong way and when you try to get some more of the paper for your use, the machine gets stuck with the paper that's already hanging from the machine. This resorts to you having a meter of paper yet again and this annoys you.

Man, paper rolls and machines are annoying.

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