Sunday, November 14, 2010



My name means that 'Jehovah is God'. And Joel, the prophet in the Bible, made a messianic prophecy. I do not identify myself with the meaning of my name or the first acknowledged person to bear it.

I have actually never thought about my origins that much but the discovery of the meaning of my name also woke up an interest in me. An interest in my roots. I wish I'd have time to make some more discoveries of where I came from. People do research on their families and their origins all the time and I think some of them can trace their family trees quite deep down to the ground. I'm intrigued by the thought of knowing exactly where I came from and who's blood runs in my veins. Though, at the same time I'm afraid of that knowledge. What if I come from something hideous and horrible? Would knowing that alter my identity somehow? I like how I currently identify myself  as, so I'm not sure I'd like to change this.

Also, I have a sore throat at the moment. I'm not a huge fan of having a sore throat before setting off on a three-day cruise. In fact, it sucks balls and marbles.

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