Monday, December 26, 2011


Our lives beautifully entwined together.

Coincidences, the cherished moments leaving you surprised, make life such a rich journey to travel. Sometimes when the afternoon sun is bright and my day is full of nothing I start thinking about the lucky accidents in my life. The places I've been taken to, the people that have stepped onto my route, the words I've had the chance of reading - unexpected everyone of  them. Those are the times you remember.

When you coincidentally meet someone special you have to take the matters in your own hands. Coincidence, luck, won't help you any further. Yesterday I realized that I have been lying to myself about the reason why I'm travelling. I've been telling myself that there is none. That's a blatant lie - and I've been stupid enough to believe. There is a reason for my travelling and it's closely connected to what coincidence can and cannot do.
We are setting on foot tomorrow after - what I call - a trial period for travellers. Two months spent stuck inside four walls, in a small village by the sea shore. Work, everyday life, unpleasant incidents. The hardships we've faced in the last few months of staying put have easily been greater than during travelling. But now it all seems to have lifted up, off our backs, and we've grown the wings of a free eagle again. I don't think I have felt this good about travelling since the days right before our journey.

This positive feeling for travelling was relinquished by the simple realization that there is a reason why I'm here. My life is beautiful and even though setting out on my travels has felt like a mistake, it was no coincidence.

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