Thursday, December 15, 2011


...And the sea turned into a desert.

The 5th day of rain:

The pain in my shoulders was uncomfortable, to say the least. Having slept rolling from one side to another, trying to avoid the pain on each shoulder, I wasn't really able to say that the night had consisted of a good night's sleep. But as the rain was beating the panels of our dormirtory windows with its watery drumsticks I forgot all about the pain. When was the last time you awoke into the sound of the rain accompanied by the steady bass of waves? It's been a while, hasn't it?

Days off from work are salients of grass into the gray wastelands. Sleeping in, eating breakfast with time available for casual conversations about tropical fruits, resting your mind. I'm already counting the days of work I have left. (seven) But they seem to grow slower the harder the number of them is carved into my mind. Time of the waiting man crawls the slowest - my time seems to have taken a day off as well as it's not moving at all.

I suppose the constant rain should have an effect on my mood but I don't think it does. Everything's damp, clothes won't dry outside, your hair goes flat every time you step outside. But it doesn't really bother me at all. In fact, it feels quite good.

I am looking at the horizon now. It has the colors of sand, a blended mixture of light brown and yellow. The sea that shone in emerald shades of light just a week ago looks like a portion of Sahara. The waves are its dunes, the surface lifeless. I have never seen a brown sea.

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