Sunday, November 13, 2011


House flies and time flies.

I just noticed that it's been nearly a week from my last blog post and I was quite confident that I posted it yesterday. Having a job has created, forced even, a routine into my life and things keep on rolling on their wooden wheels occasionally hitting small bumps on the road.

I've been waiting for homesickness but it hasn't shown its face yet.

I honestly have nothing to write about but had to make an excuse not go running today because I have a sore throat.

Today was the first day of work that made me exhausted. To some sadistic extent, it felt good to feel exhausted. Knowing that your body has reached some limit.

House flies don't seem to have a purpose. They're almost microscopically small, they fly around the walls of your kitchen and land on all the possible surfaces. I don't feel very purposeful here. That's the only thing missing from my life. Back home I felt like I was someone. Here I'm just someone.

I wonder what happens when time lands.

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