Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Touching the skies of Avalon.

The pilot from Catalina Island told me that it had been 30 years since his last visit. I asked him why now, then? He drove his answer into a roundabout and exited back into his mouth and I never got to know the real reason behind his travels. Does one need a reason to travel? Are there travels without reasons? Does one simply take off with wings of an airplance cutting the broad skies?

Before I left on my travels people kept asking me a reason behind this all. I couldn't help but to do the same as the pilot. There was no right or real answer for the question. Just because felt like an excuse, I don't know felt like pretentiousness. Now with six weeks of being abroad, I will try to explain the phenomenon I call travelling, travelling that does not need a reason.

Set a destination.

When unsure, set yourself a place to go to. It can be anywhere in the world, it can be anyone in the world. Don't be jealous of the people travelling, jealous of their courage, because the same feeling flows through your own body everyday. Don't hesitate, destinate.

Set out on a destination.

When in stress, set out on your destination. Leave your troubles behind for there is no greater relief than the feeling of accomplishment. Allow yourself to work your way towards your destination. Give your hands the time to craft a path for you. Make way, rest. Setting out is a flight down from a cliff. Your hands are your wings. Your eyes set on your destination.

Settle down in a destination.

There are no destinations to be reached. Reaching is for the people sinking into an abyss, for the children whose balloons escaped with the summer breeze. You know you are in your destination when you settle down and enjoy the fruits of your accomplishment. No one can take that away from you.

Travelling is not going abroad, seeing foreign lands, witnessing the world firsthand. Travelling is not a way of life, a life inside a backpack. Travelling is tiles - destinations - in a mural of life. That is why I have been travelling the world ever since I was six and discovered the forest behind the backyard of my childhood home.

Avalon awaits.

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