Monday, September 26, 2011


You are beautiful, and the world is yours.

Departure is something we will have to do alone, even if we were leaving with someone. No one else will depart for you - only you can take the necessary steps onto the road. I've been thinking a lot about my own departure lately but haven't really made much from it yet, although the departure date is already knocking at my door. It just doesn't feel like I'm leaving anything, or leaving anything behind for that matter as well.

"Don't plan: Lord, show us your way and help us wander on your paths. Lead us towards your truth and teach us! Everything is fine and miracles happen Do not limit God. He will take care of you and supply you. Let him root out your very self, that canal blocker. Don't plan beforehand; the road opens up step by step. Leave tomorrow's worries, for Christ is the great carrier. You cannot carryhis burden."

The above is what a priest I know just posted on his Facebook -wall and it nearly brought tears into my eyes. I think I'm in good hands.

God, after all, didn't send me alone on this journey to follow his paths. He gave me the most beautiful of his creations to accompany me - the deepest eyes, the widest smile and the warmest heart. I don't think I could have ever asked for me. We will depart separately in our minds, together with our hands entwined. We will arrive together in our minds, together with our hands entwined.

You are beautiful, and the world is ours.

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