Friday, September 9, 2011


Black Sheep Wall - I Am God Songs (2008)
(sludge metal / doom metal)

The aggregrated rawness penetrates through your chest and rips your back open right from the beginning. Nihility underlines what I Am God Songs is about. Brutal vocals, serrated sludge riffs and bashing the drums as if they weren't there. Generally I have found the sludge metal albums I've recently tried out borderline lackluster but Black Sheep Wall has provided me with a surprisingly refreshing release. Though, refreshing is probably not the most descriptive word - mind-repressing would probably depict the mental image of a man crouched into the corner of his chamber greedily marvelling this conglomeration of anger much better.

Whereas I fail to see the doom metal resemblance in the music, the slight mathcore touch pleases my ears. The songs, intertwined around a spin of chaos, are quite strictly organized and Thompson's drumming stands out from the mass as forging a blade in an ironworks. Modest Machine and Ten Fucking Billion seem to be the pillars that hold the album together, seeing as how the shorter tracks seem to have a fairly redundant role.

After some elaboration and maturity, we should have ourselves a violently good sludge metal band here right here. For a debut, Black Sheep Wall has made a formidable one.

.i am rendered helpless.

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