Saturday, August 6, 2011


Lost and found.

I used to collect lots of things as a child. I had a vast collection of various bottle tops, small figurines from Easter eggs, leaflets of animals, series of books and comics, different types of stones that I found intriguing and feathers of different birds. I crammed my room with these collections and the shelves of my closet were stacked with boxes of different colors, each filled with a hundred of something. Collecting things gave my everyday life a meaning, and what greater discovery for a child: your life has a meaning that only you can fulfill.

Throughout my adolescence my life as a collector started vanishing gradually. I lost interest in most things and the things that remained interesting, became childish. I couldn't support the collector living inside my mind, wanting to harvest everything he could get his tiny hands on. Day by day, the collector in me started weakening, until it was just a shrunken old man leaning on a creaky wooden stick.

The day came when I started enjoying music on a different level. I was starting to like a wideky spread variety of music and I started downloading all music I could get my hands on. I never started buying CDs though, I don't know why. But I never saw collecting music as real collecting.

Last autumn, I got my first own apartment and discovered the pleasures of cooking food, especially spicy food. I started collecting small jars of spices. I bought a new jar every other week and I made it up to a bit over ten pieces of spices. And how much fun has it been! I think I've finally found something that was lost inside me again.

A child's belief is said to be pure and innocent. I think a child's joy is at least as pure as innocent and I find this joy something to be constantly searching for.

.the best thing God has created is a new day.

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