Thursday, August 4, 2011


A chilly autumn.

It was quite cold outside today. The autumn is coming.

I actually like the autumn. The weather suits me just fine because it's not too cold yet, and neither is it too warm. The thing is that this year I won't get much of autumn - I will barely see the leaves dropping to the ground, turning into the bright colors of the sun. In fact, it will be mostly summer everywhere I go this year and the next one as well. The journey is closing up day by day and it's occupying my thoughts from the thoughts of the autumn forward.

I'd like to grow myself a chili plant next year in New Zealand. Actually, I'd like that a lot and the simple thought of it gets me quite excited. I've never had a plant of my own and I'd like to see myself raising this one all the way down from the roots to the top and red chili peppers. To see something grow is miraculous as the growth of life is. There is nothing special about it at first sight but when you stop to think about it for a second, you start noticing that these small miracles are full of such wonders that your imagination slows down to a slow stroll.

Besides, I would like to give life to something. To water, to nurse, to heal the plant with my own hands. How much would that give me simple pleasure. I'd love to smile and watch the plant grow.

It's not like I'm much different from a chili plant. I need water and sunlight to refresh myself, I need to put down roots someday (as elderly as it might sound coming from a 20-year-old) and I need to shed my leaves occasionally for new ones grow in their places. Most of all, I need someone to nurse me, to heal me. Something that was never unwell cannot be healed for there is no need for it. But we all need someone to give us a kiss on the sore spot and blow the pain away. The garderer needs to become the plant to heal himself in order to live life to the fullest.

.and that fire in their eyes.

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