Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Falling off your chair.

The most amazing thing about people is how they can surprise you after you have thought that you already know their ways over and out. Black turning white, up going down and sky turning to ground. A person I know just suprised me so positively that I had to get on my laptop to write about it. The most impulse thing I've done today - seeing as how I'm not impulse at all. Or am I?

I'm so weirded out that I can't even produce a coherent. (Did this really happen?) When you're hoping for a yes and preparing mentally for a no and then the yes comes, you're at a loss of words. You've planned everything according to the no and then your chair of plans is pulled under your buttocks and you land roughly. I've forgotten how good it feels to be surprised positively. I've been disappointed at a lot of people lately, I've been disappointed at myself as well. Maybe I needed to surprise myself positively before I could accept positive surprises from others as well.

Also the Finnish way to say 'in your ams' can be translated correctly into 'in your armpit', which is not really that romantic. Just, you know, by the way. I said this by the way and it was not the point of this text. Go figure. Okay, I need to stop writing now.

And here is a picture of two penguins holding hands just because a single phone call can make a young man jump on his bed - up and down. That's life for you in a nutshell.

.i find a way to you.

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