Monday, June 20, 2011



If life is a long road there are bound to be people along its winding path. There are people you will barely notice, people you will see, people you will get to know, people you will want to know and people that you are bound to by fate. It's a curious thing, fate. Something I rarely want to touch with my words because the whole subject seems so fragile. Yet, the abundant fragility of it makes it the most powerful force in this world, an intricate mosaic tablet of lives.
The people on the road are there for a reason, I believe. But not too often can you tell straight away that they are there for a reason. And only very rarely can you tell that they are there because fate wanted them to be there. I met a person to whom I believe I am bound to by fate. It's an odd feeling when you notice that fate has thrown its ropes around you two. The feeling starts right from the moment when you first see the person. From the moment I saw this person I knew that we would get along. And we did. What I didn't know that we shared all the possible similar characteristics and interests as well. It was like seeing a reflection of myself in person.

I have nearly finished reading the first book by Paulo Coelho and I have already learned a lot from him. But the things I have learned have been only his thoughts. Authors can provide us with all their ideas and all their wisdom but we can't really learn much from them unless we start a stream of thoughts of our own. Only then, can we really say that we've learned something.

Is it possible that these people - these people who we meet in our everyday lives and to whom we seem to be bound by fate - are angels? Pilgrimage is not something you need to set out for, pilgrimage is just walking through your life as an ordinary person.

.presently i have found i am not alone.

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