Monday, June 13, 2011


The only constant is change.

The first time I remember reading this from somewhere was from a company shirt of my father's. Back then it struck me as a meaningful statement.

My life is an earthquake. I had a constant in my life - a sturdy rock to stand on. A cliff with safety fences around it. I took the fences away myself and jumped on a journey with a person I barely knew at the moment. Now the rock is crumbling away, too. Everything seems to be changing. I might be moving back to my hometown for the rest of my summer. I might be changing jobs. It's possible that I'm getting another job in the city I live in to add to my current one or I might get a job from my hometown. It could be that I have to abandon my current, firm plans in terms of working.

It's ironic how I wrote about making mistakes and taking risks in my last text. I realized last week that I had made a mistake in the spring in choosing a job - I took the wrong one. Now I'm facing two other decisions and I will have to take risks. They say love is about risk-taking - I say no. Love is a stream, which you either decide to jump into or not. But the decisions that involve your non-emotional future require risk-taking. Love is safe, ambition is dangerous.

.to have this chance again.

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