Saturday, June 11, 2011


Building a brick wall, collapses.

I am a person who likes to organize my life as much as possible, leaving room for some surprises but not too many. I like to know where I stand, what I need to do and what I'm going to do. Inserting red bricks into the wall in a logical manner with no disturbance, no outer factors to notify - just myself and my organizatorial skills. I've managed to do so quite well until this spring. The brick wall hasn't been like it has been before. There are occasionally bricks missing from places from where they should have originally been. Either I've forgotten to put them there in the first place (which doesn't seem possible) or someone's been plucking them out like feathers from a chicken. Plucking out my plans, my organized bricks of life.

A thorough builder like me might actually get angry from this. Someone is impudently destroying my wall and my organizatorial skills are constantly diminishing. Who has the right to pull out my plans from my wall? Who dares to take away the organized way of life from me? Can't you understand how hard it is to live when your plans are crumbling and your bricks are falling out of their places? Who would want to cause such havoc?

My wall isn't being destroyed - no one is trying to collapse it. The person in question is trying to alter it a little with a tiny know-it-all grin on her face and eyes that shine to you like they've seen decades more of life than you have. She means no harm, she's there just to mix up the pieces of the puzzle, throw the bricks around and make your life worth living.

Everytime a brick is pulled out from the wall, a light shines through. For this, I am grateful.

.how'd the simple life get so complicated?.

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