Wednesday, May 18, 2011



I am the CEO of my own life. This morning is superior and I'm feeling outstanding! I got two free days before me, without work and without school work and I don't even have to think about either of those now. I can just be and do things that I find pleasurable (this might mean excessive amounts of Facebook if it rains outside). Maybe I can grab a good book, work out at the gym and do something with friends later tonight.

Also, I feel like I have total control over my life (!) and I find it weird that I had written my blog text until the point where the exclamation mark is until a dear fried of mine called. The phone call was quite casual and it cheered me up even more because she is one of the most positively orientated to life people I know. Regardless, she surprised me by saying that now she knows the three people whom she'd like to work with (which was totally in a different context than we were discussing at that moment). So, I asked her what this was about and she said it was abou the three famous people you would like to work with. I insisted her to tell me those three people and she managed to say two of them. I laughed and she told me about the third person: an African American speaker and writer who looked good in a red tie.

The phone call went on for a while and she finally managed to find the person she was talking about: Les Brown - the world's leading motivational speaker. I rolled the Internet with his name and got a bundle of videos where he, indeed, does give amazing motivational speeches.

Now, the thing I found weird here was that I had written how I had total control over my life before watching any of those videos with Les Brown speaking. Watching those videos strengthened that mind set even more. When you honestly think about something, your day will revolve around that thought. When you honestly want something, you will eventually gain it.

"You don't get in life what you want; you get in life what you are."  -Les Brown

.i found a diamond that shines brightly.

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