Wednesday, May 4, 2011


A quick elaboration.

My texts have shifted from casual remarks to mature, complete texts on this blog. I never intended this blog to become a place for such serious work but I have probably never been more proud of my freetime achievements than here. It pleases my eyes to see that I am able to create so many pieces of words in such a short time in a language that's not my own. I just wish I had more feedback from people. I really want to know whether my writings are worth reading. Because if they are, I want to go further in improving myself as a writer. I want to try something else: I want to write commercial texts, which would sell. The thought intrigues me so much that I'm practically out of my pants already.

I want to see how the year abroad will affect and whether it will be a revolutionary year in my life. It could be the most important year in my life. The most important. How awesome is that?

.dreams dressed in blue.

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