Monday, May 2, 2011


Knowing things and chasing dreams.

Do you know what it looks like when the night and the day collide? Or when black and white want to fade to grey? Or how water crashes into rock? I haven't. But I have felt it. When two opposites come together, collide and blend together like they were the same. The feeling when the two opposites know that they are opposites but they feel like they have known each other for all eternity.

I like to think that I know things. I just know things. Some call it intuition when talking scientifically but I like to think that some things tickle me in a certain way. You know you're not waiting a call from a person but you know that they'll call soon; you've had a fight with someone and made up but you still know they will show up later in the evening to make sure you're alright. You know nothing lasts forever but you still know that some things will. You know that someone is smiling even though you can't see them. I know a lot of these things and every once in a while I like to see how I'm right about them. I have know something and then it becomes reality and there I am, smiling at how I was right with my intuition.

I am a person who will always chase dreams. I have heard from one of the most special people in my life that I am their dream in quite a few ways and I have probably never been as flattered as I was by that comment. All I can do is to sit down and wait whether I am also a dream to be chased after. I like to think that way. It's the same kind of way of thinking as I mentioned in my text about the girl like a weather vane. Me chasing the bubbles and the girl running around blowing more of them for me to try and pop. I like to think that in the same way I am somewhere up in the clouds and the special person is trying to jump higher and higher to reach up here. At the same time I'm trying to reach down to grab the hand of that person to help her reach her dreams and join me in the clouds from where we can smile down on people who look like ants. I suppose I am chasing a person of my dreams as well.

a dream here and the sky
is between the dream here

It's a long way to reach your dreams as you can see. But when all you have to do is to hold hands and walk on the path of your life, it's not as hard as people make it to be. Today I understood the part of the quote on my blog wall that I have not understood before. Don't think. Some things happen without thinking and your thinking and your intentional decisions will probably never affect them. Thinking is fighting against something - be it your creativity or your feelings. That's why I'd like to stop thinking now. Stop thinking, start smiling, and continue chasing after my dreams. No matter how fast my dream runs or how the long way down to my dream is. The best things in life and the most wonderful things in love never come easy.
.you were far too young dear, to get so close to the clouds.

Songs still seem to reflect my feelings like the most accurate mirror.

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