Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Girl like weather vane.

One of those evenings when the only thing you can do is look back at the day and smile. You can't even bother with any miserable thoughts because those don't exist or are in exile somewhere in the back of your head. Then again, after a bad day, why wouldn't I deserve a good one?

Overall, this day wasn't all that special. I had fun things to do and casual things to do and boring things to do. But today I re-learned the concept of the little joys in life. They are the ones who build your day up to the stage of happiness. When the small things come together, they form a huge entity of joy. And further, this joy strikes you with such force that you can't help but to feel good about yourself and others. The smile and laughter of a person, getting a haircut, a well-done snack with great coffee, peaking at a girl from behind your book, which you're supposedly reading but instead watching her secretly and wondering whether she'll notice you, getting a hug, a running session after the warm rain, the energetic feeling before you start writing but then get lost into the world of words and feel like you're home. These are the things that make my day complete and my life worth living.

You are creating all the bubbles at night
I'm chasing round trying to pop them all the time
We don't need to trust a single word they say
You are creating all the bubbles at play

The excerpt is from the song Bubbles by Biffy Clyro. This is one of those songs, which makes me feel incredibly joyful and energetic. This is also the current me - the bubble popper. The song is mainly about keeping up with a person. The person keeps on creating all these bubbles - thoughts, words, feelings - and the other one has troubles in keeping up with these bubbles. When he pops one bubble (understands a thought), another one appears, which he now has to understand as well. While he's struggling with the words of yesterday, there are already happy words of today and cute actions of now.

Imagine being a part of someone's life who keeps on creating all these bubbles. It might seem a bit tiring with all the keeping up to do. It's really not. It's approximately the most refreshing thing. There will never be a quiet day, no days that would be the same as the days before them and there will never be boredom. Without the bubbles life might actually seem less meaningful. I enjoy trying to pop the bubbles and chase them down while the other is creating more of them, laughing and jumping around. You can never tell which way the bubbles are blown towards and you can never tell which way the other is off to. Just like a weather vane.

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