Friday, April 8, 2011


It turned out just fine.

Looking back at what has caused my stress during the past weeks now seems so far away. Exams successfully passed, a summer job under the way (only a contract left to sign on) and medication for my pains. Seems like everything I was so stressed about went just fine and now I can just smile, sit back and relax. There will naturally be stressful periods of time in my life in the future as well but overcoming one of them makes me feel more confident about myself. I know that I'll be able to take more and more pressure without cracking like a fissure into the earth.

With the summer job under me and school going fine and the aforementioned relief in my mind, I can now focus on my next year abroad. I have given a lot of consideration to what I will do but now the final decision has been locked - it was made ages ago. I will take a year out of my life in comfort and home and spend it traveling, experiencing, feeling, photographing, hiking, working, smiling, loving. My plans of going further away from home will become a reality, my dreams will become hopes and hopes will become facts. If my current plans will work out, I will get enough travel money from my summer job, buy a good camera, travel from Finland to Shangai, to Auckland, to Fidzi, to Los Angeles, to Reykjavik and then, perhaps, back home.

The best part of my whole excursion will be that I am able to share it with someone special. That makes my heart feel complete.

.there's a man from the afterlife at the door trying to sell us hope.

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