Saturday, February 19, 2011



Waking up to a headache. Why do I always have to drink the whole bottle? White wine is a pleasant drink, though. Waking up to a smile. How is it possible to smile and suffer from a headache at the same time? Smiling is a pleasant activity, though.

Fashion is something I follow but don't necessarily use. I like to know what's in and what's out but my clothers nor my hair reflect on this too much.

A conversation at the breakfast table. Life can be as normal as you want it to be. Casual, even. Yes, I think casual is the right word here. Not everything has to be special or well-thought-of. Somethings can be casual, and they can still feel extremely good. Watching someone wash the dishes, fry an egg, lay late in bed just because.

People around me make me happy. Tonight, I'm alone. I would not like to be though. I guess I'm just going to drink a beer and listen to some Brand New and shed dry tears of imagined loneliness. I am not lonely, I am not socially dependant, I am not alone. No, my body is alone but my mind is in company.

If I leave, I will have people to return to. When I leave, I have people I can long for.

.this cabin is now home.

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