Saturday, February 12, 2011


In the morning and amazing.

I'm definitely not mourning this morning as it was no ordinary morning. Watching out from the window of my bedroom and bathing in the cold, brisk light of the morning was purely euphoric. In the morning I felt renewed somehow, even though the amount of sleep shouldn't have renewed me. The feeling of renewal, though, disappeared like the morning. The bright ambassadors of the morning left without saying goodbye and my morning glory was gone. The light diminished, the morning tide subsided and I was left here, waiting again until the next morning.

Artists seem to deal with mornings quite a lot in their songs. There are a few song names in the above block of text. And even though the text is composed of the work of others, it still depicts my own feelings of this morning. It was as good as the artists describe their mornings too be: good but slow, bright but cold. Waking up felt nice, and it seldom does when you know you're not getting enough sleep.

A day full of effort and working behind me and another one ahead of me. I'm motivated to do the tasks given to me and I feel dedicated to studying for the first time in a while. I might actually admit that I enjoy studying for the first time in a long while. I'm flowing with the river of education and the stream is carrying me forward pretty fast at the moment. I hope this lasts.

I started a project today. Not a school project though. Something I'd like to present on my blog one day. Something, which I hope I can look back on as an accomplishment.

.and close your eyes again.

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