Sunday, January 23, 2011


Rebellious hamburgers.

I did a little train trip of five hours today and ended up spending approximately an hour altogether in various cities waiting for the next train. During one of these stops I decided that I was too hungry to wait until I got home, so I took the liberty of going to McDonald's for the first time in a while. I'm not too huge on hamburgers and fast food in general - mainly because it tends to taste like saw dust with ketchup. Regardless, I grabbed a cheeseburger and a coke and sat down at a table with all my bags and baggages.
   Across the room there was a small crowd of youth loitering about. They were spending time rather than eating and I had some time to watch their movements and listen to what they were saying. Yes, I follow people around in the night too, wearing a long, black overcoat and shades over my eyes. The teenagers seemed to follow a dressing trend that would label them as 'emo kids' or 'goth kids' or 'punk rockers'. The type of youth who aren't yet sure of what they're going to be like and are desperate to find something of their own. In search for their identity they rebel against anything: parents, teachers, scholar system, companies, meat. I have no idea why rebellion is such a huge part of being young. Why do we have to search for our identities through breaking our limits and restrictions or by trying to be different?
   I have always found it corny that these 'emo kids' are trying to be different from the traditional teenage trends. They want to stand out from the masses. Yet, by setting a new trend, they've formed a new crowd of youth who all dress the same way, have black hair with a little pink or electric blue in it and listen to Hawthorne Heights sing about how Ohio is for lovers. They are the new masses and none of them stand out from that crowd. So, why bother? Why try and be different when you still can't be? It saddens me to see that this trend might go on for years and they could still look like this when they're 25 and desperately looking for a job, which they can't get because at this point of their life their faces are so full of piercings you can't bring a magnet closer than a meter away from them.
   Why do these teens hang out at McDonald's or at the mall? Aren't they supposed to be against capitalism and general masses? This, I also do not understand.

.the sun smells too loud.

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