Saturday, January 22, 2011


Job applicant.

The frustration of applying for summer jobs is an impeccable form of frustration. You know that after filling out 30 different forms and applications, you may still end up without a summer job next summer when the sun's rays scorch your sorry, jobless ass. I like to think that I've been hard-working when it comes to these applications, but the truth is that hard work - blood, sweat, and tears - count for only a little when it comes to the miraclous of world curriculum vitaes. None of the employers give a rat's ass about how many forms you've filled out or how many hours you've spent searching for companies, which recruit workers for the summer. All they care about is how good you look on paper, and that's reasonable. I seriously, eagerly am waiting for the time when an employer will ask me whether I want to work for them. That must be a great feeling of content.

Mogwai's new album Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will has been playing through my speakers for the whole time I've been applying for summer jobs and it really hasn't made me like the album any less, which is surprising. Usually my mood really affects my opinion on the music I'm listening to. When I'm in a good mood, even brutal death metal might sound absolutely outstanding, even though I'm not a huge fan of the genre.

I rely on people as much can required by the statement of: "Don't take people for granted.". I've realized that people might not always be at your side, you might lose them at some point of your life and never get them back. If you miss them after the loss, you've relied enough on them. If you miss them overly and get depressed, you've relied too much on them and haven't opened your eyes to the environment surrounding you. Life is fragile - it can never be relied on as a life-buoy.

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