Monday, December 20, 2010


Nothing really.

I find it odd that my life shifted from a world filled with hectic rush to a one with with peace and so-much-as-nothing to write about. I haven't felt angry or frustrated or extremely happy or sad or anything remotely worthy to write about. I haven't done anything spectacular either - just been hanging around. Though, how much would this blog look like a diary if I were to type down everything I've done and felt during the day.
   I haven't been able to interpret my dreams either, just haven't got myself around to it. Been slacking off. I didn't study today either, even though I was sort of supposed to. Gah.

It's been two days of vacation. It feels like it's been a retirement of over 10 years from a lifetime of work, that's how it feels. To put it simply, I don't feel like use can use myself as much as I'd like to. Instead I'm stuck to listening to mellow albums and watching a blank screen, which stares back at me with the blackest eyes imaginable. I can't even make myself do anything intelligent or manage to develop myself. I feel numb, but not comfortably.

.black eyes fading, you and i.

Seriously, two days.

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