Sunday, December 12, 2010


The beginning.

Today is the first day of my Christmas. I will go and sing Christmas caroles in a church today, tomorrow I'll buy Christmas presents for my loved ones, maybe I'll do that on the day after tomorrow as well. I hate it how tempting it is to buy stuff for your own when you're buying gifts. "Oh, that would be nice." "Why haven't I got that one yet?" I always end up spending way more on gifts than I've intended to because I end up buying gifts for myself as well. Oh, well.

Next week will be such a great week in my life. I don't have anything compulsory to do. I need to study a bit but that's allright. I also get to excercise a lot, I get to see my best friend who's coming for a visit. I get to see my family because I'm heading home on Friday. I get to read a good book. I get to shop. I get to see a whole bundle of other friends as well. I get to watch good movies. I get to listen to good music, new music as well, which I don't yet if it's any good.

Also, I'm going to the library today to loan a book about dreams and interpretating them. Excited I am.

.i think i should start doing aerobics.

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