Saturday, December 11, 2010


The first good all-girl band I have ever found. Warpaint. Relaxing indie psychedelia shoegazy. Their bass lines make my heart feel funny.

.nobody in my mind.

I'm going to continue this text because I have found a plethora of decent, and even great, albums and artists today. I'm going to show off my findings now because I have absolutely no life today. I've been sitting with my laptop on my lap for hours and have managed to get pretty much nothing done today. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though. Regardless, here are some gems:

Cloudkicker - The Discovery
I had no previous information on Cloudkicker before listening to The Discovery and my first mislead assumption was that I would be facing some glitchy idm or other weird electronic music. I was dubious. The first track boomed from my speakers and I was face to face with intelligent, utterly amazing instrumental metal. I'm going to give this album a second spin once I stop listening to the other albums I've downloaded today.

Benea Reach - Alleviat
Again, a total surprise. The growler of this metal band is spectacular and I love how they've built this album. I just have no love for the clean singing of the vocalist. It doesn't do justice to how good the album actually is.

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