Thursday, December 9, 2010


Escape artists never die.

The stress is finally over and I can sit down and write in peace. Yesterday was such a great day and I've been hangovering today. Been one of the most pleasant hangover days. I've managed to eat a lot of good food, talk with people about last night, look at some pictures, went to the grocery store, been listening to loads of great guitar artists like Clapton and Johnson and fell in love with them again. Soon I'll watch a cultural film about something that has nothing to do with my current situation in life. I just want to escape for tonight.

Don't get me wrong - I don't want to escape from anything bad. I just want to go all-out-zero-thought-process for just one night. I've had so much stuff to think about and now I can finally relax. Tomorrow I'm thinking of working out, getting myself a book about dreams from the library and the just kicking the couch with my back for the whole night and read about stuff that interests me.

I feel casual for the first time in a month. Casual, cozy, cool, calm.

.timing is everything.

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